a few words about us


A family business with traditions

It was the beginning of the 1990s when the current President of Ardamex began his adventure with dairy products. Initially, the trade concerned margarine sold in Katowice. The business turned out to be so promising that the first production plant was launched in 1994.
This is how the history of Ardamex began, which we proudly write to this day.


what do we specialize in?

What distinguishes Ardamex from other companies is its commitment to values ​​and the family nature of the company.

  • stability;
  • honesty;
  • conscientiousness at every stage of cooperation with the client.

When purchasing each product, our customers can be sure that it was manufactured to the highest standards.

Even though more than 30 years have passed since the company was founded, the scope of our company’s operations has remained unchanged. As manufacturer of shredded and diced cheeses and cheese analogues We invite mainly business entities to cooperate.

Our offer is a perfect complement to catering and bakery businesses. High production standards combined with attractive prices is our undisputed distinguishing feature, which constantly encourages our existing and new contractors to contact us.

vegetable stuffing
tomato sauces
mayonnaise sauces

We invite you to read the full description of our activities and start cooperation.

The company’s mission and goals

We focus on the continuous development of our company, adhering to previously adopted assumptions and goals.

Our priorities are:

  • offering customers only high-quality products;
  • offering attractive prices for our products;
  • constant development and introduction of innovations;
  • listening to the needs of our customers;
  • employing the best specialists.

Ardamex – responsibility comes first

The strength of our company is not only tradition and knowledge, but also compliance with modern standards. This manifests itself in two main aspects:

  • food safety;
  • care for the natural environment.

Food safety at Ardamex means completely secured production and distribution at every stage. Starting from the selection of raw materials and suppliers, through quality control in production processes, to distribution. We transport products at temperatures from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

We only trust trusted suppliers who, like us, are able to guarantee the best offer. In terms of quality control, we comply with GHP, GMP and HACCP. Our employees are trained in food safety – this is a primary value for all staff.

In turn, we show concern for the environment by being fully aware of our impact on the ecosystem. We try to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

For this purpose, we transformed the production plant into an emission-free one, we stopped using coal and gas, and the photovoltaic panels we use allow us to meet 25% of the machines’ demand for electricity. We buy the remaining energy from photovoltaic farms.

Our story

The beginnings of the company

Our first production plant, opened in the last century, dealt with cutting and portioning hard cheeses. The idea turned out to be an innovation on the local market – customers from Silesia and the surrounding area could buy cheese in a small package with a colorful label. Processed cheese and smoked cheese were gradually included in the portfolio, all under the watchful eye of a technologist and the President.

Strong development of the Ardamex enterprise in the 21st century

The following years of operation allowed the company to continue its dynamic development. In 2000, a modern production facility was built. During this period, production was 20 tons per day and over 30 types of cheese were produced. Despite the economic turmoil that affected our company in the following years, we have been operating continuously since 2005.

Plans for the future

We do not stop planning and developing ambitions. In 2017, we decided to build a modern production plant in Będzin, completed three years later. This allowed us to expand production with cheese shredding and dicing lines and a melting plant. In the near future, we want to further increase production capacity, modernize the machinery, build an additional warehouse, and implement the BRC quality management system. Above all, we want to maintain attractive prices and high quality and meet the expectations of our customers in the best possible way.